Back-to-School Kit 

Disasters disrupt a child’s schooling for weeks, months – sometimes even years. This gift represents a kit containing a backpack, pens, pencils, drawing books and crayons to help keep a child engaged and on track with their education.

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So what's the impact?

Before discovering Plan International’s vocational training, Faith, now 21, was stuck in an abusive marriage. This is the power of your support:

“Just like I was, many of these girls are trapped in violent marriages and simply cannot leave their husbands because they are financially dependent on them. But vocational training can give these young women skills with which they can support themselves so they are no longer reliant on their husbands. Thanks to this vocational training, I can become financially independent.”

What happens when I buy a gift?

Once you choose your gift (or gifts!), we’ll send you a digital card that shows the gift in action. Then all you need to do is write your personal message and forward it on to someone special. Just want to support our work? Buy one for yourself and proudly display it on your mantle! If you would prefer a physical card, get in touch with us online or call 13 75 26

Where do the gifts go?

Our Gifts of Hope provide tangible examples of some of the many ways your gift can support children and break down the barriers holding girls back all around the world. To ensure we can best serve the communities in which we work, your gift will be put to work where the need is greatest, supporting children facing violence, children being denied an education, and children being held back from achieving their potential.