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Today, nearly every second child on earth is living in poverty.

Why? Many children are denied access to their basic human rights like protection, education, clean water, food and healthcare. 

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Our Projects of Change

Our Projects of Change work within the world's poorest communities to stand up for child rights and break the cycle of poverty.

By supporting our Projects of Change, you'll help create long-term, sustainable and life-changing solutions in the world's poorest communities.

These projects make it possible for children to access and advocate for their basic rights including:.

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Lamana's Story

Two years ago Lamana made a decision.

One morning, as dawn was breaking, she gathered her things, walked out the front door and left her husband. Her body was wounded with bruises and cuts from a beating she had received the previous night. She walked to her parents’ house and when they opened the door she demanded to come home.

She was 15 years old.

Lamana is one of an estimated fourteen million girls worldwide who will marry each year before they are 18. Some as young as eight years old.

Watch Lamana's story to find out more.