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Seeds for a family to grow crops

Provide seeds and tools for a dad and his family

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DFeed person for year

Feed a person for a year

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Help a dad provide fish for his family

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Emergency hygiene kit

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Help a dad provide maths bags for his children

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Help train a teacher

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What are matched gifts?

Every Gift of Food you provide will be MULTIPLIED 14 times through our Food Grant from United Nations partner agencies! See here for Gifts of Food.

How it works


Step 1: Select your gift

Select and purchase one of the nine real project gifts.


Step 2: Give your gift

Download your gift certificate to send to your friends or family.


Step 3: Make a real impact

Your real project gift goes directly to benefit communities that need it.

How your gifts help

Gifts of Hope are items needed by children we work with in developing countries. When you buy one, you're supporting whole project areas that gift represents like education or water and sanitation. Your gift makes a real difference. Extra funds raised can be used to support other project areas where the need is greatest.