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What are gifts of hope?

You can't hold these gifts, but they're bigger than you can imagine. By chosing a Gift of Hope for your loved ones, you're supporting vulnerable children and their communities all over the world to survive and thrive.

Skip the socks and give a Gift of Hope; it's the one gift guaranteed to brighten lives.

>Provide a back-to-school kit

Provide a back-to-school kit  

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Build a school garden

Build a school garden for children to learn about nutrition

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>Supply a child's breakfast for a year

Supply a child's breakfast for a year

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>Help build an Early Childhood Learning Classroom

Help build an Early Childhood Learning Classroom

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>Teach hand-washing

Help teach an entire school hand-washing

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Help a young woman start a business

Help a young woman start a business

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What are matched gifts?

Want to give a gift with an even bigger impact? When you buy a Gift of Food or a Gift of Livelihood, your gift will be multiplied by up to 8 times thanks to an amazing grant from our United Nations partner agencies. This means that by giving $70 to help a young woman start a business, up to $560 will be donated to our livelihood programs.

How it works

Once you choose your gift (or gifts!), you can download a PDF or we can send you a card that shows the gift in action. Then all you need to do is write your personal message and forward it on to someone special.

If you want your card(s) sent to you, please order by 12th December to make sure you receive your card in time for the festive season - simply select mail from the dropdown option on the shipping information page when you checkout your gift cart.


Step 1: Buy a gift of hope

Choose a gift (or two) from the online store.


Step 2: Have your chosen card(s) sent to you in the post or download the card yourself!

For each gift you buy, you’ll receive a link to download a printable card which has a photo and description of the life-changing gift you’ve chosen.


Step 3: Send the gift card

You can then print the card, write your own message and sent it to someone special.

Where do the gifts go?

The gifts are grouped by the areas we work in – education, food, emergencies, livelihoods, girl’s rights and hygiene. Your donation will go towards funding the project each gift represents. Extra funds raised could be used to support children in other areas where the need is greatest.

Give me an example of the impact of a Gift of Hope

Sokhat was given school breakfast for an entire year.

Here’s a message she wanted us to share:

“Every morning, Plan International gives me breakfast before class. It tastes good and I am full afterwards. I have all the energy I need for lessons. I do not have to work in the rice fields and I can work on my favourite subjects instead!

This all happened because a kind person gave money to Plan International for me. I don’t know who they are, but I would like to say thank you. They have changed my life forever.”