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It will help provide hives, bees and training for a community – everything families need to set up their own bee businesses. The bees also pollinate crops, which help local farms...
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By providing a community with a chicken coop, you’re not just giving them food for a day. You’re providing a continuous supply of eggs that will nourish children and their famili...
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By supporting women the tools they need to forge their own paths, you’re helping create more than just income. You’re helping build a working farm that will sustain them and the...
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So whats the impact?

Sokhat was given school breakfast for an entire year.

Here’s a message she wanted us to share:

“Every morning, Plan International gives me breakfast before class. It tastes good and I am full afterwards. I have all the energy I need for lessons. I do not have to work in the rice fields and I can work on my favourite subjects instead!

This all happened because a kind person gave money to Plan International for me. I don’t know who they are, but I would like to say thank you. They have changed my life forever.”

Where do the gifts go?

The gifts are grouped by the areas we work in – education, food, emergencies, livelihoods, girl’s rights and hygiene. Your donation will go towards funding the project each gift represents. Extra funds raised could be used to support children in other areas where the need is greatest.